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    How do you cowgirl?


    “Cowgirl,” as defined by the Oxford dictionary, is “a woman who herds and tends cattle, performing much of her work on horseback.” While this may be the traditional definition of the word, it is by no means the only way to define a cowgirl. Andi Bean of AB Designs, defines “cowgirl” through her handmade, one of a kind, unique, touch of Western nostalgia, feel good items. Cowgirls today are not bound by such tradition, but rather are a more modern form and allow for a new definition of the word. The cowgirl of today might still tend to cattle, she might be a great hand on the ranch, or perhaps she’s a badass professional working in a big city, but she does so with grace and femininity. This new cowgirl can handle a hard day’s work - from sun up to sun down - bottle feeding calves, taking care of her own babies, or being a master chef at a fine dining restaurant in the middle of a large city, whatever the task may be - the modern cowgirl not only still has that unbridled passion for who she is and what she does, but also has the freedom to express who she is through AndiBean Design’s creations. Andi Bean creates items for every cowgirl: traditional or new, to allow for that amazing feeling - that feeling of being on top of the world and galloping through a field of lavender - no matter where you are. Andi Bean strives to make each item speak emotionally to her fellow cowgirls - the perfect tote to make a modern cowgirl strut the streets of New York, the perfect hat and hat band to make a modern cowgirl still feel feminine at a branding, or an exceptional crossbody with all the fringe to make her feel confident day in and day out. Every cowgirl of every form deserves to feel confident and ready to take on the world day in and day out. Andi hopes her accessories can help that cowgirl feel just that - so uniquely her.

    Our Designs

    One of a kind bags, pillows, hat bands and hats that make you feel like yourself: so uniquely you. Full customization available.

    Our Materials

    All leather goods are made from high quality one of a kind leather hides - each hide is hand picked to ensure quality and design.

    Our "Love It!" Guarantee

    For whatever reason, if our product does not meet your standards, please notify us within 3 days and we will happily remake anything for you at no additional charge. Just simply send the product back to us, and we will work to get it right for you!

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